Best Exterior Christmas Lights for 2018

It seems like you have to buy new Christmas lights every year now. Regardless as to whether they aren’t good quality or if they got damaged by not being stored correctly, it’s not fun to purchase them year after year. Don’t worry! There’s an answer and the first step to finding it is [...]

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Easy to Remove Exterior House Decorations

Homeowners often think of exterior decorative lights as an exclusively Christmas affair. However, decorative lights are incredibly versatile and can really transform your outdoor living space when the air begins to cool, and the evenings grow longer. Another myth that persists about decorative lights is they are inherently difficult to remove.

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Simplify Decorating for the Holidays

Have you always envied the gorgeous holiday light displays in your neighborhood, but never had the time or energy to make your own home a showpiece? Or maybe you no longer can handle the many hours of climbing ladders and tacking up lights due to poor health, or physical injuries? You can have a [...]

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Benefits of Professional Holiday Decorating for Your Business

As the holiday season approaches, your business is getting geared up for the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers. The holiday season can be a boon for your business, even if you are not a retail shop selling gifts. Restaurants, beauty salons and many other types of businesses enjoy a boost in sales during [...]

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Simplify the Holiday Season with Professional Decoration

One common complaint about the holiday season is there is never enough time. On top of your normal routine, you have extra shopping, decorating, holiday parties, out-of-town guests arriving and elaborate meals to prepare. You want to enjoy this special time of year, but it can become overwhelming. One option to make more time [...]

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Preparation for the Next Holiday Season

The holidays are officially over. If you have not done so already, it is time to remove your decorations and get back to the normal day-to-day life that fills our time between the holidays. As you put those decorations away for another year, now is the perfect time to start your preparations for the next [...]

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When to Take Your Holiday Decorations Down

In less than a month, the holidays will be a not-so-distant memory. Holiday music will no longer fill the air. The scents of sugar cookies will be long gone. Business will return to normal. The question that is always up for debate is: when does this begin? When is the best time to take down [...]

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A Winter Wonderland

November begins the season of holiday movies. Everyone has seen the beautiful winter wonderland scenes in those feel-good movies: trees, lights, and classic beauty. The fictional towns appear inviting and warm, even as the characters are bundled in their warmest coats, gloves, and scarves. Towns often hope to achieve this scene in their shopping districts [...]

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When to Decorate for the Holidays

The debate began as soon as Halloween ended. When is the best time to put up the Christmas holiday decorations? Some believe that Thanksgiving must come and go before Christmas should even be a thought. Others believe that the sooner the decorations go up, the better. These people long for the festive feeling the holidays bring [...]

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