Homeowners often think of exterior decorative lights as an exclusively Christmas affair. However, decorative lights are incredibly versatile and can really transform your outdoor living space when the air begins to cool, and the evenings grow longer. Another myth that persists about decorative lights is they are inherently difficult to remove.

In reality, decorative lights are no more or less difficult to remove than paint or any other type of decoration. Nearly every person can recount stories of a parent or grandparent, whose job it was to put up and take down Christmas lights each year. While we largely associate such yearly rituals with tradition, there is also likely a logical explanation.

Practice Makes Perfect

Parents and grandparents are veterans when it comes to wrestling with exterior decorative lights. Tried and true methods are therefore typically passed down from one generation to the next; with each generation further perfecting the art. However, if you are considering using decorative lights as exterior fall decorations for the first time, it can be a bit of a learning curve.

While you do want to make sure your exterior decorative lights are secure, you don’t want to damage the lights or end up with a tangled mess of wires. Using branches to drape wires may seem like a simple solution when you are putting up your lights, but it’s not often as easy to take them down at the end of the fall.

Roof to Deck Decoration

Roof to Deck Decoration provides an affordable and easy solution to installing and removing holiday house decorations and lights. Our team is committed to realizing the vision of the homeowner; bringing exterior decorations to life that are easy to remove at the end of the season without causing damage to the property.

If you are interested in exploring the potential of exterior lights for your house this season, contact Roof to Deck Decoration today.