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How Elaborate Do My Decorations Need to Be?

Designing a cohesive holiday lighting display when decorating your home, office, or retail store is difficult. This is especially true if your neighbors set up enormous displays with inflatable snowmen, a rooftop Santa complete with a sled and a synchronized light show you are sure can be seen from space. Before trying to compete, ask yourself if their approach fits with what you want. Working with a professional lighting company can help clarify your desires [...]

Don’t Let Your Employees Hang the Christmas Lights!

With business set to boom into the Christmas season, there’s no better way to set yourself apart than with a display of stunning holiday lighting. Customers love the cozy feeling, and a top-notch display subtly shows you’ll go above and beyond for your customers. Plus, customers are drawn to well-lit stores. Unfortunately, it could quickly offset these benefits if something goes wrong during decorating. The risks are serious enough to recommend you don’t let your [...]

How to Troubleshoot Holiday Lighting Issues

You spent hours creating the perfect holiday display to impress your family and friends. After all that work, you notice some of your lights are not working. Before you let it put a damper on your holiday spirit, there are things you can do to figure out what is wrong. Here are tips on how to troubleshoot holiday lighting issues. Check Your Circuit Breaker Your holiday lighting may fail because the lights are plugged into [...]

3 Reasons to Choose Professional Holiday Lighting Installation

Christmas is almost here. If you have not had time to finish your holiday lighting and decorating, there is still time without having to do it yourself. You can get everything done for your holiday festivities by using a professional lighting company. Here are three reasons for choosing a professional holiday lighting installation. Less Stress Trying to get ready for the holiday season at the last minute can be highly stressful. A professional holiday lighting [...]

Holiday Lighting That Will Wow Your Customers

If you are thinking of hiring a professional installer to decorate your business for the holidays but aren’t sure what to look for, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips to get the most out of your decorating budget. Depend on Experience When you decide to decorate your business, it is important to work with a team that can take care of your needs from start to finish. Before somebody can [...]

Choosing an Outdoor Holiday Theme

The holidays are here, and more people are excited about holiday decorations. With the pandemic still keeping us in our homes more than usual, holiday lighting and decoration seem to be more necessary than expected in 2020. You may need to fight the temptation to throw some lights on your front porch but choosing a theme could make your holidays even brighter. What Is Your Style? Your lighting and decorating choices should reflect your overall [...]

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