How To Make Outdoor Decorating Easier Next Year

Have you put up your Christmas decorations already? If like every other year, putting up your Christmas lights felt like the first time ever, you are not alone. Whether you plan with military precision or go in on a wing and a prayer, installing decorations is never easy. It is labor-intensive, mentally exhausting and often doesn’t leave much in the way of holiday cheer. However, what if there was a way to make outdoor decorating [...]

When Should You Take Down the Christmas Lights

“You should take down your Christmas lights on January 6th, afternoon but not before midnight.” That is, of course, provided you are available between those times. The reality is when you decide to take Christmas lights down is a choice that has as much to do with practicality and wisdom as it has tradition. Practical Considerations The first thing to think about is how long you want your lights to last. The longer you wait [...]

The Best Permanent LED Christmas Lights

What are the challenges you face when it comes to getting festive with Christmas lights? From the moment you make that commitment to start decorating for Christmas, there is a high probability that something will go wrong – usually involving lights that have been stored away from the previous year. However, if you had permanent LED Christmas lights in Minnesota, you wouldn’t have to worry about such trivial problems. Warehouse Stored & Ready Roof to [...]

RTD 6 Tips for Safely Decorating Your Roof

6 Tips for Safely Decorating Your Roof Decorating your roof for Christmas or any other occasion comes with risks. You are working with heights and electrical components that can cause serious injury or death. It is important to observe these six tips for safely decorating your roof. Careful Planning It is essential that you plan where, how and with what you are going to decorate before you go anywhere near a roof. First, work out [...]

Best Exterior Christmas Lights for 2018

It seems like you have to buy new Christmas lights every year now. Regardless as to whether they aren’t good quality or if they got damaged by not being stored correctly, it’s not fun to purchase them year after year. Don’t worry! There’s an answer and the first step to finding it is to familiarize with yourself with some features of the best lights.


Of course, you want your lights [...]

Easy to Remove Exterior House Decorations

Homeowners often think of exterior decorative lights as an exclusively Christmas affair. However, decorative lights are incredibly versatile and can really transform your outdoor living space when the air begins to cool, and the evenings grow longer. Another myth that persists about decorative lights is they are inherently difficult to remove.

In reality, decorative lights are no more or less difficult to remove than paint or any other type of decoration. [...]

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