With business set to boom into the Christmas season, there’s no better way to set yourself apart than with a display of stunning holiday lighting. Customers love the cozy feeling, and a top-notch display subtly shows you’ll go above and beyond for your customers. Plus, customers are drawn to well-lit stores. Unfortunately, it could quickly offset these benefits if something goes wrong during decorating. The risks are serious enough to recommend you don’t let your employees hang the Christmas lights.

Hanging Christmas Lights Can Create Safety Hazards

It makes sense to want your employees to hang the lights. They’re already working for you, and some of them may decorate their own homes. A few may even do elaborate displays or hang lights for friends and family.

When employees choose to do these activities on their own time, they assume all the inherent risks that come with it. Climbing to heights, poor weather, slips and falls, electrical hazards and entanglements are only some of the risks.

The Risk Falls on the Employer

No employer wants to see a worker injured no matter where the injury happens. But as a businessperson, it’s important to remember that when something goes wrong at home, the homeowner is liable. When something happens at work, the employer is liable. So, unless your employees have all the relevant safety training for each risk, the proper safety equipment and regular practice, you could open yourself up to a worker’s compensation claim.

You Can Still Have a Stunning Display

A skilled installation by Roof to Deck Decoration can put shoppers in the mood to spend. Your employees will also enjoy the ambiance and not have to take unnecessary risks to make it happen.

We create a design plan to fit your budget. We are licensed professionals, experienced and thoroughly trained. Most importantly, we carry our own insurance. So, you and your business get the best of both worlds—the display you’ve always wanted and the protection you need during installation.

Contact Roof to Deck Decoration today to get an early start on your stunning and safe Christmas lighting display.