Designing a cohesive holiday lighting display when decorating your home, office, or retail store is difficult. This is especially true if your neighbors set up enormous displays with inflatable snowmen, a rooftop Santa complete with a sled and a synchronized light show you are sure can be seen from space.

Before trying to compete, ask yourself if their approach fits with what you want. Working with a professional lighting company can help clarify your desires and budget and get you the holiday display you’ve always wanted.

How Elaborate Your Lighting Is Depends on You

It’s easy to fall into the trap of keeping up with the neighbors or the business next door. But maybe what you truly want is something high impact with less flash. Perhaps you want a commercial display with a modern feel. Some people love the coziness of traditional lighting. A professional designer can help you narrow down what you really want.

There Are Many Decorating Options

The old days of a string of lights taped around a window are long gone. But, for the highest impact, there are more options for holiday lighting than ever. A few choices are:


Whether it’s a single large tree, several small trees or a hedgerow, getting the lighting right is critical. Properly inset lights running to the top give the impression of a well-planned design and attention to detail.


Traditional, multicolored lights are charming. However, a single color can create a modern feel. Coordinated colors can offer a high-end, on-brand design.


Lights don’t have to make passers-by feel like the paparazzi are chasing them. Today’s lights have soft fades, subtle flashes and other features to add the extra sparkle you want.

Hire a Professional Lighting Company

With a professional design plan and installation to fit any budget, you can sit back and enjoy the holiday season. Your lighting will be exactly how you want it, and after the holidays, we can even take the lights down for you. So, get a head start on the holiday season and contact Roof to Deck Decorations today.