The holidays are here, and more people are excited about holiday decorations. With the pandemic still keeping us in our homes more than usual, holiday lighting and decoration seem to be more necessary than expected in 2020. You may need to fight the temptation to throw some lights on your front porch but choosing a theme could make your holidays even brighter.

What Is Your Style?

Your lighting and decorating choices should reflect your overall style and should also match your home’s design. If you desire a more traditional look, clear lights that frame your roofline and windows may be a perfect choice. Add some wreaths and candles to your windows for a perfect touch. If your home is more modern, don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas, such as creating a focal point on one area of your home or lawn. If you have children, something whimsical may be the way to go. Add a Santa to the roof or decorate the yard with oversized candy and colorful lights.

What is Your Budget?

Holiday lighting can cut into your budget if you fail to plan. Make a budget, and then plan accordingly. If you find your checkbook doesn’t match your design, consider scaling back the plan a bit to accommodate. It is also a good idea to factor in extra electricity costs, as well. Using energy-efficient LED lighting can not only cut down on electric bills, but they are friendlier for the environment, as well.

Safety is the Rule

Most homeowners think they can safely install holiday lighting but may find themselves on the wrong end of the ladder if they forget or ignore safety precautions. Safety is why hiring a professional lighting service is such a good idea. A professional saves you time and may even keep you from injury during the holiday season. 

If you want to deck the halls in style this season, Roof to Deck Decoration can take your ideas and make them a reality. Call us today for a free consultation.