When to Take Your Holiday Decorations Down

In less than a month, the holidays will be a not-so-distant memory. Holiday music will no longer fill the air. The scents of sugar cookies will be long gone. Business will return to normal. The question that is always up for debate is: when does this begin? When is the best time to take down your lights and store the decorations for next year? The answer is never July. Homes Your home is your castle. [...]

Why Decorate Your Store?

The holidays are around the corner. In two weeks, Santa will come down the chimney or the Hanukkah lights will be lit. The store shelves will be empty, and bellies and hearts will be full. This is the most festive time of year! These next few weeks are the final push for retailers to catch customers’ attention to purchase those last minute gifts. You may wonder: what separates you from your competition during these last [...]

A Winter Wonderland

November begins the season of holiday movies. Everyone has seen the beautiful winter wonderland scenes in those feel-good movies: trees, lights, and classic beauty. The fictional towns appear inviting and warm, even as the characters are bundled in their warmest coats, gloves, and scarves. Towns often hope to achieve this scene in their shopping districts to allow people to feel the warmth of the holiday season while supporting local businesses. Here are some tricks to [...]

When to Decorate for the Holidays

The debate began as soon as Halloween ended. When is the best time to put up the Christmas holiday decorations? Some believe that Thanksgiving must come and go before Christmas should even be a thought. Others believe that the sooner the decorations go up, the better. These people long for the festive feeling the holidays bring and want everyone to partake in their job. However, there is an actual standard that can help many families answer [...]

Christmas Lighting for the Holidays: Decorate While Away

Anyone who owns a home today is old enough to remember the movie Home Alone. This John Hughes classic is a holiday staple with a hidden but very important message. The hidden message in this comedy is that robbers look for signs that people will be away from home during the holidays. One of these signs is lack of holiday decorations both inside and out. However, with the right holiday magic, and the help of some experienced elves, [...]

Simple Is Back

In the 1990s, as you went to visit homes and businesses for the holidays, the bigger the design and the brighter the colors, the more fascinating was the experience. People worked very hard to plan their extravagant displays for the holidays, whether it was for their home, their church, their town, or their business. Onlookers could easily go blind if they took in the lights for too long. Yet it was festive and beautiful, and [...]