6 Tips for Safely Decorating Your Roof

Decorating your roof for Christmas or any other occasion comes with risks. You are working with heights and electrical components that can cause serious injury or death. It is important to observe these six tips for safely decorating your roof.

Careful Planning

It is essential that you plan where, how and with what you are going to decorate before you go anywhere near a roof. First, work out your pattern and have it mapped out so that you don’t run into any hazards. It is a good idea to sketch how you are going to decorate before you begin.

Suitable Decorations & Equipment

Make sure the equipment that you are using, such as ladders, drills and staple guns, are suitable for the task. You do not want to attempt climbing onto a roof without a suitable roofing ladder and tools that work as intended.

Bring in Help

Find one or more people who you can trust to help rather than hinder you. When you are working with heights and potentially dangerous tools, having someone close by in case of an accident is a good idea. A Christmas helper can also perform tasks such as feeding strings of lights or passing tools.

Don’t Rush

Decorating your roof isn’t opening time on Black Friday so there is no need to rush. Accidents are more likely to occur when you don’t take your time and think about what you are doing. There is also a greater chance that mistakes will happen and the job will end up taking twice as long.

Don’t Damage the Roof!

Whatever you do, do not damage your roof. Puncturing shingles is a potentially costly mistake. You may even want to spend the extra money on roof fixtures specifically designed to allow for roof decorations.

Hire Professionals

If you don’t think you can stay safe on the roof, don’t go up there. Hire the professionals from Roof to Deck Decorations to get the job done quickly and safely. Call today for a free consultation with a roof decoration specialist.