In less than a month, the holidays will be a not-so-distant memory. Holiday music will no longer fill the air. The scents of sugar cookies will be long gone. Business will return to normal. The question that is always up for debate is: when does this begin? When is the best time to take down your lights and store the decorations for next year? The answer is never July.


Your home is your castle. The purpose of decorating your home is simply to show your love of the holidays. Unless your community has an ordinance, it is up to you when to take down the decorations. The first thing you must determine is if your community does have an ordinance. Some condominium associations and over-55 communities do stipulate when decorations can go up and when they must be put away. These communities may also stipulate what type of decorations you can have.

Typically, if this is the case in your community, it is best to take down your outdoor decorations at the same time that you take down your interior decorations. However, if you do not have an ordinance, then it is important to find a comfortable time to take down your decorations. You do not want to be the eyesore on the block! Many people find the 2nd of January to be the best time to do so. Depending on the year, many people may be off from work. If not, they may wait until the first Saturday after the New Year. The general standard is that your lights should be taken down from your home by the first weekend after the New Year.


Businesses have a more definitive date that is considered appropriate to remove holiday decorations. Unlike for homes, that day is not January 2. The reason for this is because according to many calendars, January 6this a holiday, called the Epiphany or Three Kings Day. As a result, January 7th is the most appropriate day for retail businesses to remove their decorations. However, businesses that are not in retail will likely remove their decorations on the first business day after the New Year, so that business can resume as normal.

The Process

Removing decorations is both easier and more difficult than putting them up. There is a method to make sure that all decorations come down appropriately. The benefit is a placement map does not need to be followed to ensure all of the decorations line up and flow together well. However, in order to preserve decorations, they must be removed carefully. Each piece must be appropriately boxed and stored for the next year – unless you like purchasing new decorations every year. This is a tedious process. If ignored or done improperly, it could cost you more money in the coming year. Therefore, it is best to hire an expert from the beginning of the decorating season through the end. This expert should be able to design your display, put it up, take it down, and even store it for the upcoming year. Should you find yourself in need of an expert, contact Roof to Deck Decoration at (651) 699-3504.