Since the turn of the century, many people have looked for better, more sustainable methods to live—to change their habits and protect the environment. We are recycling more, buying hybrid vehicles, eating organic foods, becoming more cognizant about turning off lights, and throwing away trash as opposed to littering. However, then the holidays come around, and many people forgo environmental benefits for a beautiful holiday decoration. Nevertheless, the professionals at Roof to Deck Decoration are here to tell you it’s possible to have both with LED lights. LED lighting is environmentally-friendly and beautiful. Aside from the environmental benefits to using LED lighting for your holiday decorations, there are several other advantages that make switching to LED lighting a no-brainer.

Why Use LED Lights?

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, LED lights offer numerous other benefits. To start, LED lights glow brighter than traditional incandescent lights, and still save you big bucks. These state of the art, lights require less electricity to run, and they save you from having that larger-than-life electric bill during the holiday season.

If you thought LED lights couldn’t get any better, they also have fewer service problems because the amps are so low that they trip breakers and GFIs considerably far fewer times.

In addition to glowing brighter than traditional incandescent lights, and saving you money on your electric bill, they are much more durable than traditional incandescent lights. Traditional holiday lights typically only survive about one season, not three years like some people might tell you. LED lights on the other hand, can last between seven to 10 years. This is due to the fact that LED lights rarely burn out. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed many seasons of beautiful lighting without the need of replacing the lights mid-season.

For those that have children in and around their home during the holidays, traditional lights have always caused a safety concern because they are made of glass. They can break easily and get quite hot after having been on for a while. LED lights are made of plastic, making them cool to the touch and virtually indestructible.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?

As with any decorating, you can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional. If you choose to do it yourself, the first thing that you need to know is trying to use a ladder and hang lights along your gutters is a highly dangerous thing for any homeowner to attempt. It is even dangerous for professionals, this is where our extensive training, and years of experience comes in for us.

If you are a homeowner, and want to try doing your own lights, we do not recommend putting lights anywhere other than on some easy to reach trees and bushes. When you get a ladder involved, life-changing injuries are just one small slip away.

Next, you need to know what types of LED lights to purchase, how to install them, and you need to design your display as well. However, if you are looking for more from your holiday light display, with far less bodily injury risks and less headaches, you may benefit from hiring a professional.

The professionals at Roof to Deck Decoration can help you design a display that fits your style as well as that of your neighborhood. As decoration professionals, we know the best types of LED lights to purchase and what will fit your needs based on the look you want. We can professionally install the lights and set up your display for you. As an added bonus, we can also help you out when something goes wrong.

If you are already thinking about next year’s decorations and looking for the right company, contact Roof to Deck Decoration at 651.699.35044, and we will be happy to help.