During the holiday season, one of the greatest thrills is seeing the towns and their main shopping districts decorated for the holidays. Each town has its own unique style and history that has the opportunity to be showcased while bringing out the holiday spirit in all its citizens. Whether it be through simple wreath and garland or a bright tree displayed in the middle of town, the holidays can make any town come to life.

Classic Designs

Many towns opt for an old style classic design reminiscent of olden days. A simple garland and holiday wreath and bow on each light post can help create a festive mood while reminding people of simpler times. Moreover, if a town really wants to stand out, they may wish to add a bit of green garland or holly to the light pole. This type of style is often seen in older towns that boast an early 1900’s style of architecture throughout the year. The simple beauty combines with store decorations laced with elegance can help make any small town feel magical during the holiday season.

A Splash of Color

Other towns may be a bit more modern and wish to cater to those enjoying the modern and child-friendly look of colorful lights throughout town. These towns may choose to string lights overhead from post to post, with bright, colorful signs exclaiming “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!” through the center of town. This helps create a more town fair type of feel for families to enjoy throughout the season. Such decorations are inviting to outsiders as well, enticing them to come into town and enjoy the camaraderie and, of course, shopping they have to offer.

The Traditional Look

While many towns choose to focus on their business districts for decorations, some town do not have business districts to speak of and would rather focus on the true spirit of the holidays. These towns may choose to place a tree and even a nativity scene in the center of town, complete with an official tree lighting ceremony. These types of decorations help to get the citizens in the holiday spirit and serve as a gentle and beautiful reminder of what the season is truly about. When it is accompanied by an organized tree lighting ceremony, it allows for the families and neighbors to come together and celebrate and serves as a reminder of the close-knit community in which they live.

In the end, the town’s municipality and often its citizens, help to create the feel and ambiance of the holiday season, which is only emphasized by the decorations chosen throughout the town. Whether it be simple, classic, or include a splash of color, choosing to decorate your town for the holidays will help get any neighborhood into the holiday spirit, and possibly increase commerce on Main Street.

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