Have you always envied the gorgeous holiday light displays in your neighborhood, but never had the time or energy to make your own home a showpiece? Or maybe you no longer can handle the many hours of climbing ladders and tacking up lights due to poor health, or physical injuries? You can have a stunning holiday home without the stress and time of doing it yourself. Simply decorate by hiring a professional for your Christmas lighting design and installation.

Benefits of Hiring a Holiday Decorating Professional

It may be fun to decorate your home when the kids are little, and you can complete the job as a family.  However, as many people grow older and their lives become busier, it can be hard to find the time or energy to create the Christmas display you desire. For some, it can be physically impossible, with bad knees or arthritis that cannot withstand hours climbing in the Minnesota cold weather. Hiring a professional holiday decorating service can give you the display you want, without the investment of time or trouble. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • No need to store your lights
  • Exquisite designs customized for your property
  • Quick installation
  • No need to take your lights down after the holidays
  • Maintenance of your display through the holiday season

Why stress about getting your holiday lights up and back down again every year? Leave it to a professional team that is experienced in creating festive designs, and has all the equipment needed to install your new display.

Local Holiday Lighting Professionals in Minneapolis

At Roof to Deck Decoration, we are your local experts when it comes to holiday decorating. We bring all the lights and equipment needed to your home, and give you a free design consultation. Our experienced team can decorate your home beautifully for the holidays with our efficient LED lighting, then remove it after the holidays. We even store your decorations for you in our climate-controlled warehouse. Call us today to schedule your decorating service to simplify your holiday season.