In the 1990s, as you went to visit homes and businesses for the holidays, the bigger the design and the brighter the colors, the more fascinating was the experience. People worked very hard to plan their extravagant displays for the holidays, whether it was for their home, their church, their town, or their business. Onlookers could easily go blind if they took in the lights for too long. Yet it was festive and beautiful, and people truly enjoyed the scenery. Then January would come along and the electric bills would come in. And people would gasp for air, as if they just met Santa Claus himself! Still, year after year, these types of displays would continue to be set up and admired everywhere in the country. However, now it is 2016, and over the past five to ten years, a change has occurred. Tradition has taken over. The tradition of holiday lighting dates back to the days of Thomas Edison, when light, in and of itself, was a new and exciting thing. In those days, the colored lights and fancy setups did not exist. People are beginning to go back to that time, decorating tastefully and stylishly with less and less light and more and more charm.

The White Light

What has been learned over the years is that, while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, simple is often beautiful. Now, many businesses and municipalities tend to decorate with strategically placed simple white lights and some beautiful greenery, like holly, garland, and maybe a wreath or two. Homes are opting for white lights as opposed to the menagerie of colors that we used to see on every home. While there is a place for color in holiday decorating, the white light has taken over. The beauty of the white light is threefold. First, white goes with everything. No matter the color of your home or type of store, white will only help accentuate its beauty. Second, there are many shades of white lights, such as clear, yellowish white, and pure white. Finally, no matter your holiday or religion, white lights can help you make a festive statement without necessarily celebrating Christmas.

A Little Green Goes a Long Way

While the lights will surely brighten any display, the art is in the greenery you choose. A little green can go a long way in making your simple display stand out as an extraordinary piece of artistic expression. The proper placement of a wreath or garland can add a nuance to your display that is all your own and can still work to take an onlooker’s breath away. It is important not to overdo it, as you will detract from the display and end up in a similar boat as if you had utilized no greenery at all. However, using the perfect amount may help you stand out from the crowd and bring onlookers to your business or home with a look of pure awe that is perfect for the season.

While this all sounds amazing and you may be on board, it is easier said than done. The real magic of decorating for the holidays is leaving it to the experts to help design your simple yet inspiring display. There is no time to waste, as the holidays are only a few short weeks away. Therefore, call the experts at Roof to Deck Decoration today at (651) 699-3504.