Summer is the optimal time to begin planning your town’s holiday extravaganza. Before you know it, the kids will be back to school and then you blink, and Thanksgiving is here! Time passes quickly and the most beautiful displays do not happen overnight.  They take months and months of negotiations and planning. Once October hits, any company working to decorate a town for the holidays is busy gathering supplies and finalizing project specifications. If you want your display to attract people from both near and far, your best plan of action is to start the process now, when time is not of the essence.

 The Consultation

The consultation is where it all begins. This is where you sit down with your decorating team and discuss your ideas, thoughts, and plans. Your design team then takes this opportunity to make suggestions to help your vision come to life. The key is to be open, honest, and willing to compromise. Sometimes your town square is too small to create a life size lighted major scene, and instead you may have to compromise to create a small lighted reindeer display. However, you may also find that your town square may be large enough to accommodate much more than you envisioned, and if you do not compromise to make your display larger, it may look bare and unfinished. This consultation is where all of this can be discussed and where the partnership begins.

Key Essential Elements

When you choose to work with an expert holiday decorating team, do not cut corners in the interest of saving a dime. While price may matter, it should not be the be all, end all of your decision making process. Find out why the cost may be a bit higher. If your decorating team is made of subcontractors, the price may be lower, but you may also be sacrificing customer service and general care, not to mention other liability issues. It is always best to contract with a team that uses its own employees. By using their own employees, as opposed to sub-contractors, they are making a statement that the customer matters and the customer’s time is valuable. Staffed employees often take better care of a job and are guaranteed to be properly trained and carry proper insurance through the service company.

Make sure there are provisions in your contract indicating that your contracted decorating team will replace broken light bulbs and fix displays on demand as needed throughout the tenure of your contract. In addition, they should have provisions to not only set up but to take down your displays in a timely fashion, usually right after the start of the New Year, and even store it for you. While these added benefits may cause the price to go up, they are necessary expenditures that only add benefit and peace of mind for your holiday events.

To learn more about the planning process, contact the experts at Roof to Deck Decoration at 651.699.3504. Roof to Deck Decoration will be happy to discuss your holiday decorating needs to help your town celebrate the holidays in style.