Can you believe it? Christmas is only five months away! To some, this may sound like a long time. To others, this is just the reminder they needed to get themselves and all the Christmas traveling arrangements together. But for still others, this is the most wonderful time of the year. What do we mean?…Custom Christmas lights installation, of course.

Choosing to have your residentialcommercial, or municipal area lit with warm and inviting Christmas lights can bring cheer and put a smile on everyone’s face who comes into contact with your Christmas lights. Roof to Deck Decoration has been in business for 20 years and counting. We stand by our amazing craftsmanship, creativity, and most importantly, our great service. We aim to give our clients the best and most breathtaking Christmas lights display and at the lowest possible cost.

Benefits of Letting Roof To Deck Decoration Install Your Lighting Display This Year

The benefits of having your Christmas lights installed by Roof to Deck Decoration are countless. One, we are Christmas light installation professionals and will be able to safely install Christmas lights to your home, business, or city.

Two, if you decide on doing this alone this year, you may be biting off more than you expected. Plus, Christmas lights aren’t what they used to be; the more lights you add, the higher the risk that an accident can occur. The installation of Christmas lights without any experience has been shown to produce highly dangerous end results.

Three, the fun customization we provide. We guarantee to install your Christmas lights in a manner that will have all the people in the neighborhood talking, or all the people on the nearby city street staring in awe. We don’t just stop at your house; the unique customization we provide can extend to your mailbox, gate, awning, garden, and more. We also don’t mind letting you, the people, in on all the fun we’re having. We welcome new ideas or any other little twist you can think of to give the overall display that special quality.

How Soon Can You Have My Christmas Lights Up?

Roof to Deck Decoration can have the lights up fast. In fact, we can get most lighting displays completed in one to two business days. However, this does depend on how large the project gets. Also, after the season has passed, we will not leave your Christmas lights up until New Year’s. We have fast setup and fast takedown.

What Are You Waiting For?

With our “no hassle” free design consultation, we put the “bulb” in your court. We do not use sub-contractors, only highly trained employees of the company. If service is what you want, we have it. Throughout the season, if a bulb burns out, ruining your Christmas light display, we will replace that bulb(s). We even took it a step further; we will store all materials after teardown at our warehouse, saving your storage areas for other things.

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