Now that we are in the last three months of the year leading into January. There are still some of the most spectacular holidays coming up just right around the corner. Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are among us. Cities from all over are planning the beautification of their city streets with extravagant lights.

Some cities put on massive lighting shows in their downtown area. Some cities just decorate the city hall for all to stand in awe and enjoy. Larger cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis, will decorate large sections of their cities to bring that holiday spirit to their residents, in and around, the towns each year. This is a true tradition.

As a kid, the city lights were so important to my family. Each year, my mother would bring us kids miles and miles away downtown to see the holiday lights. Or, she would drive us through neighborhoods where us kids could see how something as simple as holiday lights on city trees, or homes, could put such an enormous smile on our faces. A holiday with no lights just doesn’t seem like a holiday at all.

If you are a city in Minnesota looking to bring smiles to the people in your district, try adding holiday lighting. The lighting experts at Roof To Deck Decoration have been given cities, small and large, a tradition of beautiful holiday lighting that brings families together for years. Let us help you build your own traditions.

What We Give To You

We offer consultations that are free of charge. This makes the consultation risk free. We know that our clients are the lifeblood of our business, so we only use highly-trained, full-time employees and never contractors. Our team of professional installation experts will listen to you in great detail. We want to ensure that your visions of the holiday lights in your city are just what you envisioned them to be. We go the extra mile as we truly know that we are in the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Already had lights last year? That is fine too. Our customer service is second to none, that’s what makes us different than other lighting companies. We provide an entirely worry-free lighting installation, maintenance and light takedown experience that gives you precious time back.

Season Over?

No worries. The same professional installation team who set up your lights will come back promptly, not leaving holidays lights on your property until February. Our team will be there to remove the lights whenever YOU want us to. Not when it is convenient for us. We will come by and retrieve all the lights used, and store them on OUR property, not taking up vital space on YOURS.

Contact us for more information about our municipal light installation services.