Most people think of holiday lights and immediately start to think about Christmas. They begin to plan their trip around the different neighborhoods and towns to see the amazing displays that people have created. However, holiday lights can come earlier than Christmas to create a different exciting atmosphere. Holiday lights can help brighten or even expand on any festive Halloween decorations to make your home more enjoyable and exciting for trick-or-treaters. Do not be fooled into thinking that you have plenty of time to create a light event for October 31st. People are already planning their Christmas displays, which means if you are thinking of decorating for Halloween, you may be two months late to the game.


Halloween is a great time to get the entire neighborhood involved in decorating and having fun. Some families go to great lengths to create an amazing theme to both invite and scare children as they ask for candy. It is the one time of the year where scary is not just acceptable, but actually inviting! An enhancement to a well-thought-out Halloween display would be accompanying lights. Lights can be installed with a timer that allows for blinking, flashes, and even some special effects. They can be both indoor and outdoor to add that extra level of excitement, like dancing exterior lights following a witch’s cackle, or the sound of thunder accompanied by a flashing strobe light. The creativity you can bring to your display is unlimited.


While lighting can be used to create amazing effects, it is also used to allow for increased safety. October is the month that starts to see dusk come around dinner time, and the nights start to get longer. Therefore, it can get difficult to see where you are going and what is around you as you and your family trick-or-treat. And while it is always recommended to bring a flashlight or two, it can be easy to forget them or run out of batteries. Festive lights around your neighborhood can help address these issues, without being unsightly or inappropriate. Beautiful displays can line walkways and the exterior of a home, making a scary night a little more inviting and safe.

Many people may be disenchanted with the idea of setting up elaborate light displays at the end of October, only to have to do it again in the beginning of December. However, that is not an issue if you hire a company that can not only design an amazing display, but also set it up, take it down, and store it for the next year. It actually make your job easier, as a good company can create the light display so amazing that it may be the only decorations your home may need.

To learn more about the possibilities for your Halloween extravaganza, contact the experts at Roof to Deck Decoration at (651) 699-3504. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss your options, help you design an amazing light show, and get you ready to go in time for the holiday.