It is time to start thinking about the holidays. With that comes decorating, shopping, family, and fun. If you own a retail business, it is the most important time of year. Besides offering amazing sales and advertising for the holidays, your storefront should catch the casual shopper’s eye. The best way to draw them in is to make your business look appealing and festive.

Use the Lights to Draw Them In

Shoppers are typically attracted to several things when browsing in shopping districts: products; sales; and appearance. During the year, displays that are eye-catching are typically used to grab the passer-by’s attention. However, during the holidays, these displays are dressed up with lights and decorations.

Non-descript holiday lights can tastefully decorate the exterior of your store front while more festive lights can be used in the interior of the store. It is often important to keep the outside appealing without appearing too flashy, especially to keep with specific town ordinances many shopping districts have. Remember to keep in mind your audience. If your shop is geared towards older individuals, you may want to use simple white lights, whereas stores geared towards teenagers may want to use more non-traditional lights and decorations. It is important to keep in mind lighting issues that may keep customers away, such as blinking lights or decorations which make loud noises.

Use the Interior Decorations to Keep them Engaged

Once you attract the customer with your exterior display, keep them shopping with an engaging interior display. The object is to sell your product to your target audience. When that target audience is in the holiday spirit, they want to enjoy the experience, not just fill a need. Without cluttering your establishment, you can utilize lighting and decorations to create an engaging experience. Maybe a small “Santa’s Village” showcasing your winter clothing will be fun. Or maybe your customers are more interested in animals, and a lighted reindeer display would be fun!

Whatever the theme, keep it tasteful while engaging the customers. However, remember not to make shopping harder by covering up prices or making it difficult to reach the wanted items. As long as the experience is easy, part of the fun of holiday shopping is the ambiance created by otherwise non-engaging merchandise displays.

Make it Easy and Hire a Professional

This process may appear overwhelming. After all, you are a business owner, not a decorator. As a business owner, you are expected to be a jack of all trades. The good news is that there is help! Some companies specialize in helping to create holiday light displays that will attract, engage, and keep customers throughout the holiday season.

Once such business is Roof to Deck Decoration. Roof to Deck Decoration uses actual employees as opposed to subcontractors to help create your business display. They take the work out of holiday decorating, by designing the display, setting it up, maintaining it, and tearing it down. All you have to do is pick up the phone!

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