Anyone who owns a home today is old enough to remember the movie Home Alone. This John Hughes classic is a holiday staple with a hidden but very important message. The hidden message in this comedy is that robbers look for signs that people will be away from home during the holidays. One of these signs is lack of holiday decorations both inside and out. However, with the right holiday magic, and the help of some experienced elves, you can look like you are home throughout the holidays with a well-lit display, even while you are actually thousands of miles away from home.

The Set Up

The rumors are 100% accurate. You can have your entire Christmas lighting display designed, set up, and taken down (and even stored for the following year) without you ever touching a light or shrub. The benefit of this is that you can choose to live in Florida during Minnesota’s harshest months of the year and still keep your home in Minnesota looking as though you are home for the holidays. This will help keep your neighbors happy that your home is not the dark spot on the block, as well as keep your property safe. All of this can be done without you doing more than picking up your phone to tell your team to start the process. And, since you designed it with your team of experts, you know it will look as though you put it up yourself.

Keeping It Going

The key to keeping this illusion going is making sure your display is lit every night. The fact is, with today’s technology, this is more than easily accomplished. Not only can your Christmas lighting be set on a timer, but also you can set the time to sync directly with your cell phone to allow you to maintain some control. In addition, if you work with a reputable company, you can arrange monitoring of your display. It may seem like this is unnecessary; however, we all have seen a bulb go out in a display, rendering the entire string of bulbs useless. If your experts are monitoring your lighting, they can see the bulb has gone out and fix it immediately, allowing for your display to continue to shine as needed.

Taking It Down

The last piece to keeping the onlookers thinking you have been home the entire season is making sure the display is taken down after the season ends. Believe it or not, people intending to do harm to your property will watch your home for months. If they see your Christmas lights up through Easter, they may begin to realize you are not home and you become a prime target once again. Therefore, your team of helpers do not complete their work until your display is taken down and stored away properly for the next season, and your home is back to normal.

If you are often away for the holidays, yet wish to keep your home safe from crime, contact the experts at Roof to Deck Decoration at (651) 699-3504. Once you design your Christmas lighting display for your home, they will set it up, help maintain it, take it down, and even store it for you until next year.