Each and every year we celebrate the 4th of July and Labor Day as Americans. We come together to celebrate our great nation and take pride in our freedoms – freedoms that have been granted to us through the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of many before us. We know freedom is not free. As Americans, we have much to be thankful for.

So we celebrate the 4th of July and Labor Day in a grand manner. Most Americans choose to spend the Fourth with family and friends. Often, you’ll find families using the long weekend to take a trip to the lake or ocean nearby. Barbeques are quite common. Good food and cold beers are always around.

And don’t forget about the fireworks. After the day at the lake or enjoying a barbeque with family and friends or both – we shoot off fireworks. And lots of them! Some families go to a fireworks show and watch the biggest fireworks known to man parade through the night sky. Other adventurous types choose to shoot off fireworks of their own. No matter how you do your fireworks – the night of the Fourth is always a fun time. Time with family. Time with friends.  Good food. Cold beer. Fireworks. What more could any American want on the Fourth of July?

While a bit out-of-the-box, you can use Christmas lights to complement your Fourth of July and Labor Day festivities. Here’s how:

Light The Barbeque

If you’re hosting a big barbeque during the Fourth and Labor Day, you may find your barbeque to be a bit dark as the night rolls around. Bright lights may dim the beauty of the fireworks show about to begin. But no light isn’t an option either. You need a little lighting.

Fourth of July Christmas lights make the perfect option for brightening any barbeque on the Fourth and Labor Day. Red, white, and blue Christmas lights create a perfect ambiance for eating, talking, and most importantly – enjoying the fireworks show above.

Dock Party People

If you’re at the lake on the Fourth of July chances are you’re enjoying some time drinking on the dock. There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ fashioned dock party. However, docks are notorious for nails showing and wood splintering. This makes it easy for some to trip, slip, or cut a foot due to not being able to see the dock floor.

The easiest way to negate this issue and keep your Fourth of July and Labor Day dock party injury-free is to light the dock in stunning red, white, and blue Christmas lights. The smooth coloring will offer just enough lighting in the night, while keeping everyone in the mood to celebrate our great nation.

It’s Show Time

If your city or municipality is hosting a fireworks show, you may have tents, food trucks, and more that are hosting or lining your event. A great way to ensure your event looks stunning is to line all of these with Fourth of July and Labor Day Christmas lights. Red, white, and blue lights will adorn your events and keep everyone involved in a celebratory mood late into the night.