If you frequent the video site YouTube, chances are you have seen a clip or two of stunning animated holiday lighting displays. Here is one YouTube video that is currently online for you to view. While animated lighting can be used for elaborate displays like the one in this clip, they certainly do not have to be. Even a small animated lighting accent can add flare to your holiday display and set it apart from others.

If you are considering using animated lighting in your display this season, here are some things to think about.

*  Take a picture of the front of your home. When viewing it, instead of looking at it as a whole, you should look at each portion of the yard as an individual section to be decorated. Perhaps you want to place animated lighting on just the shrubs by your front door, just around the windows, or just on one section of the exterior.

*  Consider using colored lights along with white lights to add some pop.

*  Remember there are different sized bulbs that can be used. There may be areas where mini-lights would accent more nicely than larger bulbs.

*  Consider what types of animation you might want. For example, there is a fading effect, where you have one set of lights slowing dimming as another set slowly brightens. Another is “the chase,” where a series of lights are turned on one at a time repeatedly. The lights can even be turned on and off in synchronization with a piece of music.

*  Would you like the lighting to be more interactive? You can design it in such a way as it tells a story, or set it up so that the lights don’t begin until a visitor is there to see them.

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