November begins the season of holiday movies. Everyone has seen the beautiful winter wonderland scenes in those feel-good movies: trees, lights, and classic beauty. The fictional towns appear inviting and warm, even as the characters are bundled in their warmest coats, gloves, and scarves. Towns often hope to achieve this scene in their shopping districts to allow people to feel the warmth of the holiday season while supporting local businesses. Here are some tricks to help your town achieve that feeling every holiday season.

Less is More

The scenes in the movies with these amazing displays are not overrun with colors or excessive pop-up displays. They are often shining with simplicity. The towns in the movies usually have tasteful displays of shrubbery, white lights, and strategically placed wreaths. Some utilize candles to add extra glow, allowing for an inviting warmth. The idea is to entice the senses without overloading them. The occasional overhead display, like a canopy walkway with lights or candles, can add a sense of romance. This can be perfect for those winter wedding photos and holiday cards. None of these displays require much: just a simple glow and a slight reminder it is the holiday season can go a long way.

Be Neutral

Trees, lights, and candles are fairly neutral. They invoke the feeling of the holidays without singling out any specific religion. Municipalities must be careful to invite everyone to enjoy their town without alienating any specific group of people. Therefore, stay away from Santa Claus, Jesus statues, and even menorahs. Keep the theme romantic and peaceful, without espousing any one religion. Unless your town is small and only has residents of a certain religious persuasion, it is best to keep everything neutral and fun for all.

The Old English Feel

Many times, buildings in a downtown district add to the holiday ambiance through maintaining the Old English decoration theme: a wreath and candles in the window. Since the idea is simple and romantic, the focus is instead drawn to the streets and sidewalk. People will walk on the sidewalks and feel the holiday energy, rather than having their attention drawn to the buildings that are, by nature, a bit less inviting. Allowing buildings to settle into the background can actually enhance the winter wonderland feeling you are working to create for your shoppers and visitors. The stores will likely have their own displays that are designed specifically for their clientele. This will add to the excitement of the season without detracting from the feel of the town. However, businesses, municipal buildings, and historical landmarks may be better served to sit in the background and simply be a piece of the scene, rather than the star attraction.

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