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Commercial Lighting Services

Studies show that businesses with Christmas light decorations get more customers who will shop longer and spend more!

Commercial Christmas lights have a way of adding to the excitement and merriment of the season. They bring warmth and cheer to establishments, encouraging people to embody the spirit of giving. They also enliven the atmosphere and lift the spirits of your employees, making them more eager to assist your customers.

Indeed, holiday lights have a way of making people feel that Christmas has arrived!

Make your business a must-see destination this Christmas season

We understand that running a business is tough, especially during the holidays, leaving you less time to maintain your establishment’s decorations. That is why our company offers end-to-end, commercial Christmas light installation services.

When we design for your business, we consider your needs, tastes, and budget. We make sure that it will suit the look of your business. Also, we help keep your electric bills down by using only cost-efficient LED products.

Our goal is to enhance your business’ appeal to increase its performance and make it a popular destination during the Christmas season!

This is our process: 

  • Step 1: Designing a Christmas theme that is unique to your business and meets your budget
  • Step 2: Our team of professionals will install lighting and greenery that we provide. We also provide certificates of insurance upon request
  • Step 3: Provide maintenance services throughout the season. Call us if a bulb goes out
  • Step 4: When the season is over, we take it all down
  • Step 5: We will store the lights and greenery at our clean, climate-controlled warehouse

Allow us to bring Holiday cheer to your business!

Request a free design consultation. Submit an online form or call us. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions.