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Lethbridge Electrician Rates

Do you need electrical service in Lethbridge? Any electrical work from hanging a light fixture or changing an outlet to wiring a new room, circuit in your home or adding outlets, upgrading a panel to accommodate a new appliance, we got you covered. However, hiring an electrician come at a cost. On this page, we'll provide a guide to electrician costs and estimates.

Costs Associated with Hiring an Electrician

Most electricians charge an hourly rate, which varies depending on the type of project you need and the license and experience of the electrician. Therefore, we recommend that you confirm with the electrician about their service rate when you request an initial quote. The thing that determines the cost of an electrician includes: 

  1. Distance and Location

Your location will determine the cost of your electrical work. Electricians will figure in the cost of transportation to your home and any supply stores into the project and hourly costs. If you live in remote or difficult to reach areas, expect additional cost in your electrical pricing.  

  1. Expertise and Experience

As with any home maintenance service, you get what you pay for when you hire an electrician. Many benefits come with hiring a licensed professional as opposed to a handyman or friend who wants to help you out. Therefore, be prepared to pay higher rates for an electrician who has all the appropriate qualifications, experience, training, and insurance. 

  1. Time of Service

Licensed electrician prices are based on regularly scheduled work performed during the workweek. Unfortunately, electrical problems don't call ahead before they happen. The standard electrician hourly rate will increase for services completed on weekends, holidays, or during emergencies under certain circumstances. 

  1. No-Show Fees

Most electricians will charge clients if they are not present for their appointment. This fee is charged due to the inconvenience that this imposes on the electrician, but it may not be a full hour's worth payment. Let them electrician know in advance if something comes up and you're not going to be around. This will save both of you money. 

Service Call, Consultation, and Inspection Rates

Any electrical work needs a diagnosis, which will cost you a few amounts of money. Electrical work estimates or inspections are taken as service estimates. Consultations and inspections are considered service calls. The cost of an electrical inspection and consultation will vary depending on the type of inspection it is. This fee includes fuel and time for a technician to reach the site. In most cases, the service call charge will cover the first hour spent on the job. 

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At Midland Electric, we want your home to be both efficient and safe. We employ qualified licensed electricians, including a master electrician as a supervisor, for every electrical job in Lethbridge.

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Lethbridge Electrician Rates
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