The FCC authorization process begins once you are ready to mass produce your devices. Devices are tested to determine if they can cause interference with other equipment and if they are transmitting in the proper radio frequency range.

The procedure to authorize the equipment has 7 steps, which are as follows:

1- Choice of radio frequency equipment and its design. When choosing an ideal radio frequency and equipment design, consider factors such as range, size, optimization and power consumption of the radio.

2- Tests or trials during equipment development. Such testing ensures that you will not encounter significant surprises later in the course of product development and testing.

3- Register with the fcc. This ensures that the equipment is certified and meets quality standards.

4- First proof of compliance. When you register with the FCC, you must perform a test with the first prototype you have of your equipment.

5- Test report. Upon completion of the test by the FCC, you must submit a report proving that your equipment passed the test.

6- Certification and presentation of the equipment.

What is the FCC certification on my phone?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shares regulatory responsibilities for cell phones with the FDA. Basically, the FDA provides scientific information and expertise to the FCC, while the FCC sets limits on radio frequency energy emissions from cell phones and other wireless products. In addition, the FDA provides information to the public about the RF energy emitted by cell phones.

How do I get my device FCC certified?

FCC certification of a device is done by a third party. That is, it is done by a TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body). This agency is in charge of testing the electronic equipment and sends the information to the FCC so that the accreditation can be assigned.

Does my device need FCC certification?

The FCC logo or mark is a voluntary mark that is placed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the U.S. The mark indicates that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the device is below the limits specified by the FCC and that the supplier followed the requirements of the supplier's Declaration of Conformity.

Can I self-certify the FCC?

No, this can only be done by entities or agencies authorized by the FCC to perform testing of electronic equipment. 

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