Do you ever gaze upon a spectacular holiday display hosted by your city and wonder how in the world it happened? Some municipal holiday light shows can comprise thousands of individual lights. Putting up a display like that is no job for an amateur. That's why savvy holiday decorators know to call on Roof to Deck Decoration for Christmas light installation in MN.

Many municipalities count on Roof to Deck Decoration to create a super special holiday lighting display that dazzles. We boast the experience, skills and lighting products to transform cities, suburbs and downtown areas into winter wonderlands. When we design a lighting show, we work with creative consultants to ensure the display is appropriate to the character and history of the city in which it will shine. A great municipal holiday display delights residents while providing tourists and locals with numerous photo ops.

Here's what you get when Roof to Deck does your Christmas light installation in MN:

  • Free design consultation service
  • A lighting display that reflects the theme of your city
  • A custom display that fits your city budget
  • Professional installation
  • High-quality municipal Christmas lighting and greenery
  • No subcontractors
  • Maintenance throughout the holiday season
  • Complete take-down after the holidays
  • Storage in a climate controlled warehouse during the off-season

Weird facts about Christmas lights

In the beautiful state of Maine, you can be fined if you leave your Christmas lights and outside decorations up after January 14, says DumbLaws. Tough law? Not really. While the law has more to do with neighborhood aesthetics, the law may be good for homeowners.

Christmas light installation in MN typically involves lights that are not intended for extended use. For instance, certain brands of twinkly lights can only withstand about 90 days of annual use. Exposure to snow, rain, and sunshine can dry out wires and cause them to crack. Worn wires are also a fire hazard. That's why it's always a great idea to call for Christmas light installation in MN from a local company that will take down your display after the holidays and securely store your Xmas lights in a warehouse until next season.

Xmas lights and your electric bill

One hundred years ago, a strand of holiday lights could cost a pretty penny to run. Today's more modern electric light displays are more affordable in every way. Incandescent lights still cost more to run than cool burning LED, however. A recent analysis by the Washington Post reveals much about the cost of lighting the holidays:

25 incandescent holiday bulbs cost more than $15 per season
100 mini incandescent lights cost almost $4 per season
100 LED lights cost fewer than 50 cents per season

Who will you call for Christmas light installation in MN this year? Tree to Deck Decoration would be delighted manage every little detail for you, from design to installation and maintenance to take-down and warehouse storage. Call 651-699-3504 right now.

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