A common misconception many find when looking into municipal lighting during the holidays is that lighting is just for the Christmas season. This is completely not true. While you can certainly only utilize lighting around the winter holidays, there are a number of other occasions that municipal lighting can come in handy. By combining holiday lighting with important events (not just Christmas time) in your community, you’re sure to bring a smile to your resident’s faces.

Holiday Lighting isn’t Just for Christmas

There are many municipalities that have recently begun to use lighting at different events around the year. Some community events that have begun using municipal lighting more often include:

  • Fourth of July events
  • Sporting events
  • City sponsored concerts
  • Anniversary of important community events
  • Annual community celebrations

…And many more!

Fourth of July is becoming quite a popular time for municipalities to display lighting around the community. Many municipalities enjoy holding a Fourth of July parade during the day and a fireworks event at night. Lighting ensures everyone stays safe at the fireworks event in the evening.

The Fourth isn’t the only other time of the year lights are being displayed. Municipalities often utilize lights to add ambiance to different events throughout the year. Concerts, sporting events, and more all provide opportunities for a municipality to light up its sky.

Embrace your Community

Whether using lighting during the holiday season or at different events around the year, the best way for a community to use lighting is to embrace its culture. Choose municipal lighting that truly displays the unique nature of your community and its history. This can be done through colors, the buildings receiving lights, and much more.

Maybe you want to incorporate the local high school’s colors into your Christmas lighting display. Maybe the local high school wants to light up the football stadium in its colors. This is becoming especially popular during “homecoming” weekends. A municipality may want to light up its city hall in honor of a big event or achievement. Using municipal lighting to commemorate an anniversary of a famous event in the community has also seen a rise in popularity.

Holiday Lighting & Thinking Outside the Box

If you think your community may benefit from municipal lighting during different times of the year, please reach out to us. Here at Roof to Deck Decoration, we specialize in Christmas lighting, holiday lighting, and municipal lighting. Free consultations are available year around and are sure to help you incorporate the unique nature of your community into any display. Maintenance is included throughout every event and season. If you’re around the Twin Cities and looking for holiday lighting – we look forward to hearing from you.