We all remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, where the Griswolds turn on their outdoor lights and the entire neighborhood goes black. Their house is littered with white lights that cover every single inch of their exterior and likely causes their electric bill to skyrocket for a few weeks out of the year. Not only is this quite costly, but it is wholly unnecessary. It is a myth that you can light up your house enough to see it from space during the holidays, and rather than signaling to aliens from beyond our limits, you are simply aggravating your neighbors with the outlandish light display that is not as pretty as you imagined.

The Beauty in Simplicity

A beautiful light display is typically more simple than not. No longer are people striving to have the most lights on the block. Now they are striving for a beautiful, eye-catching display that does not run their electric bill through the roof and yet brings out the holiday spirit in everyone. These displays typically consist of a mixture of well-placed white and colored lights framing a home to be a masterpiece and a piece of art. While you may not be able to see your home from 5 blocks away, you can take pride in its simple beauty and festive nature.

Lighting Options

Lighting displays for the home are no longer a tangled bunch of multicolored strands of lights that burn out every week. There are many options to help make your home lighting display beautiful and modern. One of the first options includes the use of LED lights. These lights utilize less electricity and last much longer than the traditional lights. They come in clear, blue, red, green, and possibly any other color imaginable. The strands can be one color or multi-colored, depending on your preference.

Along with switching to LED lights, you can now obtain battery operated lights that save on electricity. The positives to this are, of course, the batteries do not mandate plugging the lights into your electric outlets and will keep your electric bill low through the season.  However, it should be noted; batteries do not ever last as long as traditional electric lights, and you may need to change the batteries more often than not. Furthermore, it may be difficult to find well-designed battery operated lights.

Finally, to be truly technologically advanced, you can now power your lights from your smartphone. You can choose when they turn on and turn off by a touch of an app. Now, you can be out to dinner, at a party, or even on vacation, and your lights will go on and off as needed without having to set a timer.  This may even help you give the appearance that you are home.

If you are looking for a beautiful display that is well designed for your home and style, contact the decorating experts at Roof to Deck Decoration at 651.699.3504. They will help design your display, provide everything needed for the display, set it up, maintain it, and even tear it down and store the decorations for you, so you can concentrate on enjoying the holidays.