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Holiday Lighting in MN

It just wouldn't feel like Christmas without holiday lighting in MN. In the North Star State, we take our holiday decor quite seriously. That's why people, businesses, and cities that wish to win local Christmas lights contests call on Roof to Deck Decoration to manage their holiday light displays.

The first verse in the official Minnesota state song goes like this:

“Minnesota, hail to thee!
Hail to thee, our state so dear,
Thy light shall ever be
A beacon bright and clear.”

Interesting that our state song includes a reference to bright, clear lights. That's precisely what we provide here at Roof to Deck Decoration. We are proud of our years-long good reputation as the premier provider of residential, commercial and municipal holiday lighting displays. When you want the job done right the first time, we are the company you can trust.

Here's what you get with Roof to Deck holiday lighting in MN:

  • No-cost expert design service
  • A lighting display that reflects your taste
  • A custom display that fits your budget
  • Professional installation
  • High-quality residential, commercial or municipal Christmas lighting and greenery
  • We never send subcontractors
  • Maintenance of display including bulb replacement throughout the holiday season
  • Complete take-down after the holiday season
  • Storage in a climate controlled warehouse in between holidays

Do you ever marvel at an exceptional holiday display and wonder how anyone ever managed to put it up? Some holiday light displays can be made up of thousands of individual lights. That's why savvy holiday decorators call on Roof to Deck Decoration for holiday lighting in MN.

Benefits of LED holiday lighting in MN

Energy efficiency: LED holiday lights provide energy savings of around 90 percent over traditional incandescent Christmas bulbs. In comparison to fluorescent lighting, LED lights are approximately 50 percent more energy efficient.

Longer lifespan: Generally, LED Christmas lights tend to make bright holiday light two to three times longer than a typical filament light bulb. If you require a light that can last up to 50,000 hours, go with LED Christmas lights.

Eco-friendly: LED technology cuts down carbon emissions in a big way because the illumination provided by diode lights are remarkably energy efficient and require a whole lot less electricity to run.

Instant illumination: When you switch on a fluorescent light, it can take several seconds -or even minutes- to completely warm up and light up the night. LED light, however, brightens up the instant you turn on the switch.

LED burns cooler: Filament bulbs emit an enormous amount of heat in relation to their size. Not so with LED. Because light emitting diodes radiate far less heat, they are appropriate for illuminating sensitive artwork.

More durable: LED lights use solid-state technology, so they're able to stand up to more vibration and higher temperatures than your general filament Christmas light bulb options.

Have you started thinking about the holiday lighting in MN you want this year? If not, now is an excellent time to begin. Don't know exactly what you want? No worries. Tree to Deck Decoration can help you choose a custom lighting display; then we'll manage every little detail.

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