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Is it ever too soon to start thinking about the holidays and how you will decorate your home or office? We don't think so. Here at Roof to Deck Decoration, we're in a festive holiday mood all year long. Do you want a seasonal display that dazzles? Good thing you found us. We are the Christmas light decorating company to call today.

A few fascinating facts about holiday lights

* The very first Christmas light display was installed by electric light bulb inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, during the holidays of 1880. Known for his public relations acuity, Edison installed miles of underground electrical wires to power an incandescent light display on the exterior of his Menlo Park, New Jersey laboratory. The lights were so stunning, train riders on their way between New York and Philadelphia could see the Christmas lights. At least one newspaper of the time dubbed Edison 'the Enchanter' and referred to the holiday display as 'a fairyland of lights,' notes Mental Floss.

* President Benjamin Harrison may not be especially well remembered, but he was the first US President to have a Christmas tree set up in the White House. The year was 1889, but it wasn't until four years later that President Grover Cleveland decorated the White House holiday tree with electric Christmas lights. At the time, the notion of an electrically lit Xmas tree was a bit outlandish, because many people mistrusted the relatively new technology of electricity. For some reason, they believed that toxic vapors might emit from the bulbs. In truth, the fiery Christmas candles preferred by Americans were far more dangerous, explains Mental Floss. The LED lights we use at our Christmas light decorating company are even safer than traditional Xmas lights because they don't put off any heat whatsoever.

At the turn of the 20th century, a one-season use of electric tree lights could cost up to 300 dollars. Translated into 21st-century cash, that's around $2000. The first holiday lights did cost a pretty penny. Today, a Christmas light decorating company like Roof to Deck Decoration provides outstanding holiday options that are quite affordable.

A New York family was awarded the Guinness World Record for Most Lights on a Residential Property in 2014. To win this distinguished record, the Gay family strung more than 600,000 lights on and around their house. Mental Floss notes that the family was helped out by the Ritz cracker company who added around 200,000 lights to the display.

Have you started to make plans for your holiday lights in Minneapolis? If not, this is an excellent time to begin. Don't know where to start? No worries. Tree to Deck Decoration can manage every little detail from design to installation and maintenance to take-down and warehouse storage until the next time you need your holiday lights display. Give our Christmas light decorating company a jingle at 651-699-3504 without delay.

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